Thursday, 15 September 2016

No. 40 - Crochet Basket

Finally got around to using the fabric yarn that I "made" from a few metres of knit material. Used a 10mm hook.

The original plan was to make a floor cushion, but I soon found that there wouldn't be enough yarn. So I turned it into a basket with handles instead, for Andrew's toy cars. It's great for him to lug around by himself, something he couldn't do when the cars were kept in a big plastic box. I especially like the sound absorption when you throw cars back in the basket - they make only a soft dull chink compared to the great clatter of the plastic box.

The base was single stitched in continuous rounds, starting with a magic circle of 6sc, up to 54 sc for the last round. For the wall, first round was sc into front loop only of the 54sc base round, subsequent were dc in continuous rounds. For the handles, I chained 6 and skipped 6 stitches, spacing the handles equally apart, then finished with sc all around and over the chains.

There's still a goodish-sized ball of the fabric yarn left so I'll probably make a smaller basket with that. It's a very heavy yarn for some reason, so it wouldn't be as ideal for a bag. Nice and sturdy for baskets. Not something I will want to do again in a hurry. Making the yarn was extremely time consuming, and working with it was really very "eat-strength." Ugh. Lesson learnt.

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