Thursday, 24 March 2016

No. 6 - Crochet Doily for Mom

I made this using cotton thread and a 1 mm steel hook. Both from Daiso - SGD2 each! Gave it to mom on her birthday, 9 February.

It's part of a pattern for a mandala from the internet. I didn't use the last few rounds of the pattern, mostly because I ran out of time, and because I didn't think it needed them since they wouldn't have shown up well without using different colours.

I learned about blocking thanks to this project that wouldn't lie flat at first. Blocking simply means soaking the piece in water and then letting it dry in the shape you want. You can do that by pinning or pressing it down. I just pressed it flat between a towel to dry overnight.

This piece is about 20 cm across.

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