Thursday, 24 March 2016

Crochet Supplies

I've been getting my yarn and supplies from Lovecrochet. They have very reasonably priced and good quality 100% acrylic yarn which I can't seem to find in Singapore. Shipping is very decent at only USD10.55 for whatever weight your order, and quite fast too.

I brought this whole lot on the couple trip to Malacca!

For hooks I got a couple from Daiso, then decided to splash out on a set of Clover Soft Touch hooks.

[Photograph courtesy of Amazon]

They're a good price on A friend brought them back from the US for me since she was going there on a work trip. Sizes C to J, so that's 2.75 mm to 6 mm.

Work-in-progress items are kept and brought around in a Kate Spade pouch that I picked up at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall. It's smaller than A4 and I hadn't really known what it would be used for when I bought it, but it's proving to be a very nice size and quality to take with me and work out of wherever I go. I can even crochet while standing up in the train with this pouch clutched under one arm. Much of my projects have been made in the commute to and from work.

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