Tuesday, 12 April 2016

No. 14 - Trial Crochet Coaster

Wanted to make a coaster for ever so long. I had even bought the yarn for it some time back but no chance until today. Followed a relatively simple pattern I found online.

Used Red Heart Miami 100% cotton yarn for this, with a no. 4 hook.

The finished piece has two major errors:

Firstly, the initial number of double crochet stitches is one short of the total twelve that the pattern indicated, so the error got magnified as the number of rounds grew, and whole thing is a little smaller than it should be.

Secondly, one of the three dc groups in round 3 has four dc instead.

But I'm happy to have managed to add a final round of my own, and that it looks even enough without any obvious gaps. I needed to because the pattern was written for dk yarn and this is a 5 ply yarn, so it wasn't large enough without the final round. I think I'll add a further round of slip stitches to neaten the edge and make it a tad bigger.

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