Friday, 29 April 2016

No. 18 - Crochet Merida

This one is for Sophie, who turns ten on 1 May!

Made with DK 100% acrylic yarn using a 3.75mm hook.

Didn't follow any pattern, but used the same stitch configuration as the mermaids for the head shape. Shaped the body according to pictures of Merida I found online, and trimmed the collar and sleeves accordingly.

Attaching hair is always a pain for me, and this one was a little weird at the top (you can't see that in the photo) but whatever, I'm glad she's done! Depending how you style her hair her look changes. Right now she looks a little angry to me...

I inserted a circular disc at the bottom (a giveaway pin from the frog farm Rachel visited) and crocheted over it to give her a stable base. Otherwise, with that heavy head of hair, she will keep falling over when you try to stand her up.

Intend to make her a bow and arrow set eventually.

I really love the original Merida's fiery character and hair, her deep velvety dress with gold trim. She seemed like a good candidate for a crochet doll as her dress is relatively simple but distinctive, and the hair... I could unravel the yarn into really curly strands just like the real Merida, but that makes the strands quite weak and they can get pulled apart. I might still do that.

(no. 15 will be updated - it's a gift for someone and I don't want them to see it yet, in case they stumble upon this blog)

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