Saturday, 28 May 2016

No. 25 - Crochet Tsum Tsum Dumbo

Made this for Sophie's classmate Jiaxuan, 10th birthday. All 100% Acrylic DK yarn with 3.5 mm hook. Eyes are 9mm diameter safety eyes.

I referred to the following images to shape the various parts.

Trunk started with magic ring 6 single stitches for a few rounds, then started curving and expanding by estimation according to the online images. 

Body started with magic ring 10 single stitches, next round 20 sc, next round 30 sc, next round 40 sc, then repeat 40 sc for 8 rounds. 

Collar is 2 rounds of 40 sc in red, 1 round of 40 sc in yellow (working into back loop only of the 2nd red round), 1 round of 40 sc in red (back loop only). 

Then light blue again, 40 sc for 9 rounds, then 30sc, then 20 sc, then 10 sc, and finishing with 5 rounds. 

Tail is chain 6, sc second chain from hook backwards for 5 chains.

Feet started with magic ring 4 sc, next 2 rounds 8 sc, fold in half, attach to body.

Hat started with magic ring 4 sc, next 4 rounds 8 sc, next 2 rounds 12 sc, roll up the hem and sew fast.

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