Monday, 20 June 2016

No. 29 - Crochet Sun Hat for Rachel

100% Acrylic Aran yarn, 5mm hook.

Worked entirely in the spiral.

Top: dc
Upper sides: dc in back loop only, to give the visible horizontal line of yarn for each row
Lower sides: dc separated by single chain, each dc worked in the single chain space of the previous round, to give the holey finish
Brim: First round dc in front loop only, remaining rounds tc.

For the brim, rounds start and end with increasing and decreasing stitch heights: sc, hdc, dc, tc .... tc, dc, hdc, sc. The start and end height changes overlap, giving a sloped joint, but this means that the round has an overall even width all around while being worked in the spiral.

Hmm, on closer inspection, I realise the sloped round ends should overlap more.

I quite like this way of joining rounds where colour changes are needed. For some reason I really dislike joining rounds and starting new rounds with chains, but colour changes between rounds are very visible when working purely in the spiral.

The flower was made following a rose pattern that I found online, using 100% acrylic DK yarn, 4mm hook.

Rachel has an usually large head circumference, so I'm glad I can make her a clearly little girl's hat that will fit. Normal kids' hats are way too small for her, even my own cap is too tight for her.

Most importantly, she likes it!

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