Monday, 27 June 2016

No. 30 - Crochet Tsum Tsum Donald Duck

Another Tsum Tsum character, Donald Duck for Sophie. 100% acrylic dk yarn, 3.5 mm hook (I think). I keep forgetting the hook size by the time I post the finished thing up! Usually I'll be already onto another project.

All the shapes are easy. The body is just regular hemisphere - cylinder - sortofhemisphere, the bill is like the start of a tiny handphone case, the feet are hemispheres folded in half, the bow is a cylinder wound about its middle with yarn, the beret is a black cylinder joined to a hollow circle for the underside and a whole circle for the top, and the black ribbon is just four rows of single stitches, differing row heights. Tail and little hair tuft are just chains with various stitches worked backwards on them to get roughly the shape in my mind.

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